Massachusetts residents and visitors will find it easy to take a day trip to historic Boston. People who do not want to drive into the city can take Amtrak to a station within a mile of some of the city’s historic sites. Buses, ferries and commuter trains from nearby towns will also take sightseers to Boston.

A walk along Boston’s Freedom Trail will take visitors past many of the city’s historic sites. The trail is two and half miles long.Want more? Click href=’’>here/tag The Boston Common at the south end of the trail is the oldest public park in America. The Boston Latin School is one of the historic buildings along the trail. This school was established in 1635, and it was the first public school in Boston. Buildings from the 18th century along the Freedom Trail include the Old State House and the Old South Meeting House. People who walk along the trail will pass Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church. The Bunker Hill Monument and the Bunker Hill Museum are at the north end of the trail.