As one of the great first cities in North America, Boston has plenty of historic attractions from Colonial times and early U.S. history. The Freedom Trail leads visitors to some of the most historic sites in the largest city of Massachusetts. Located in Downtown Boston along State Street, the Boston Massacre Site is a memorial that pays tribute to one of the earliest events leading to the American Revolution. Located directly across Boston’s downtown district, the Bunker Hill Monument and Bunker Hill Museum in Charlestown commemorate one of the most important battles during the early stages of the American Revolutionary War. Other major landmarks that are located along the Freedom Trail include the Massachusetts State House, Old State House, Paul Revere House and King’s Chapel.

The Boston Children’s Museum is one of the most family friendly attractions in the city. Decorated by a giant milk bottle sculpture near the entrance, this museum has plenty of interactive playgrounds and exhibitions. The New England Aquarium is another popular attraction in Boston that families love to visit. Located in the Wharf waterfront district, the aquarium features hundreds of diverse marine aquatic species including penguins, sharks, sting rays, giant tortoises and many more animals.What’s 1 more click? Your boss isn’t watching… Massachusetts history trip and Maine scenic ocean trip, t minus two hour