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"Take a Day Trip to Historic Boston"

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Massachusetts residents and visitors will find it easy to take a day trip to historic Boston. People who do not want to drive into the city can take Amtrak to a station within a mile of some of the city’s historic sites. Buses, ferries and commuter trains from nearby towns will also take sightseers to Boston.

A walk along Boston’s Freedom Trail will take visitors past many of the city’s historic sites. The trail is two and half miles long.Want more? Click Ramble On

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"Understanding the Boston Way of Life"

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Understanding The Boston Way of Life

Have You Ever Been To Boston?
Have you ever been to Boston? Boston is one of the most beautiful and historically important cities in the United States. If you have never been to Boston, then it is strongly advised you visit this magnificent city. Within the city limits, you will find great restaurants, parks, entertainment events and bars. In addition, Boston is permeated with some of the most well respected colleges in the world, such as Ramble On

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"Visit Boston’s Museums and Famous Landmarks"

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As one of the great first cities in North America, Boston has plenty of historic attractions from Colonial times and early U.S. history. The Freedom Trail leads visitors to some of the most historic sites in the largest city of Massachusetts. Located in Downtown Boston along State Street, the Boston Massacre Site is a memorial that pays tribute to one of the earliest events leading to the American Revolution. Located directly across Boston’s downtown district, the Bunker Hill Monument and Bunker Ramble On

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"A Guide to the Best Nightclubs in Boston"

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Nightclubs in Boston are very nice. Going to the club can be a very fun experience. There are many different bars from pickup bars to upscale drink bars. The Towne Stove and Spirits is the best bar in Boston for the pickup. The reason this is the best pickup bar because there are 3 bars spread across 2 levels. Plenty of men and women go to the Towne Stove and Spirits to meet other people. The upscale bar, Drink, has many liquors and cocktails. The barkeeps that work at this bar are some of the city’s most recognized. They Ramble On

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"Visiting Boston’s Historical Homes and Landmarks"

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Boston is by far a heartthrob American city that has all that it takes to offer every visitor the grand opportunity to relive history, experience the true definition of arts, enjoy great sport events, explore many informative museums, rediscover harbor islands and kick back at a famous brewery and (or) bars that are even more famous. If visiting Boston for the first time, the following is a list of must-sees and attractions to include on your list of things to do.


One of the best Ramble On

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"The Best Dining Experiences in Boston"

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When one thinks of Boston, visions of succulent lobster, icy oysters, crab cakes and clam chowder come to mind. Although Boston hosts a plethora of restaurants with nearly every cuisine on the planet, it is a Nirvana for seafood lovers.

No trip to Boston would be complete without a night at the Union Oyster House. The restaurant is the oldest in Boston; it has continually operated since 1826 and has been a favorite of such notables as Daniel Webster and J.F.K. The menu is a catalog of the world’s greatest seafood recipes with appetizers Ramble On

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"Shopping is Fun in Boston’s Downtown District"

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Boston, Massachusetts is a culturally diverse city. The downtown area of the city encompasses several distinct areas with a wide range of cultural diversity. Stores, restaurants, hotels, theaters and a vibrant population all come together to create the city’s central area.


The major shopping area in downtown Boston is known as Downtown Crossing. This area is made up of several blocks of the central city. Every type of store can be found in the downtown crossing area. Pharmacies, retail stores, specialty clothing stores and book stores are Ramble On

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"Tourist and Residents Enjoy Exploring Boston, Massachusetts"

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America has, on its northeastern coastline, a city that needs no introduction to its grand presence because just about everyone has heard of Boston, Massachusetts. In addition, about 645,000 residents live in the city, and they know the benefits of living in New England’s economic and cultural center.

Boston’s tourists and residents enjoy visiting the historical neighborhoods, which are a part of the city’s rich heritage. The North End has winding streets and old brick homes, and it has the feeling of being more old-world than a neighborhood such as Beacon Hill, which is the home of the Massachusetts State House. It is also one of many wealthier areas in the city and many homeowners have an alarm system. The Waterfront area across from Boston Harbor has the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, The Harpoon Brewery and many other wonderful attractions.

The Freedom Trail is Boston’s largest historical adventure, and it is a great experience for everyone. It is a red brick trail that covers 2.5 miles, and it has 16 historic sights including Paul Revere’s House and The Old North Church. Some feel that walking this trail is the best thing to do in Boston, although many would include a visit to Harvard, America’s most famous college.

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"Christmas in the City"

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With the lights from the Faneuil Hall tree only adding the city’s nighttime glow, Boston is perfect setting for a quintessential Christmas season. With the New England charm that can’t be replaced, historic remnants of a American history and Irish flair from across the Atlantic, Christmas in Boston is an experience all its own, adding its own cultural touch to America’s most celebrated holiday. So what is there to in Beantown to get in the spirit? Here’s a look at some local events you’re sure to enjoy. Holiday Pops at Symphony HallThe Holiday Pops concert is a great place to hear some of your favorite Christmas carols as performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra. Revisit timeless seasonal classics with Santa Claus on hand as a special guest. Fun for all ages, the Holiday Pops concert makes a great family outing, with sounds so inspiring you’ll be singing along well into the new year. Holiday Pops runs through the 26th of December, with tickets starting at 33.Candlelight Carols at Trinity ChurchCelebrate the true meaning of Christmas at one of the city’s most immaculate churches, while enjoying a lovely selection of lessons and carols, featuring traditional Christmas music and readings. The two day event takes place at 4 p.m. on December 19 and 7 p.m. on December 20. Day one serves as a fundraiser benefit, with tickets sold for 35, 65 and 100 dollars. Donations are encouraged at Day 2. Doors open one hour prior to showtime. Ramble On

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"Au Revoir Randy"

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After years of unprecedented success at Gilette Field, it’s hard to second guess Bill Belicheck, so why start now, but perhaps Tom Brady shed a few private tears in the comfort of his own home after hearing the Patriots traded WR Randy Moss to Minnesota, after 47 touchdown receptions in 3 years. Randy Moss was an integral part in the Patriots’ passing attack over the past 3 years, but he will return to where he began his NFL career just 4 games into the 2010 regular season.For the first time in his tenure with the Patriots, in what ironically was his last game in silver and blue, Moss was held without a reception. Of course, for a guy who has come into question over the years in terms of effort, one has to wonder how lockdown the Dolphins’ corners truly were on Sunday. No one is suggesting Randy was actively trying not to catch passes, but perhaps not trying his hardest to haul in slightly off the mark balls thrown his way. Moss had already gone on record saying he felt underappreciated in the Boston area, as if the local media and fan base wanted him to fail. So the feeling here is good riddance. The Patriots won Super Bowls with Deon Branch and David Patten leading the receiving corps, having an All-Pro receiver for Brady is more of a luxury than a necessity. Ramble On